About Our Family Tradition

Tradition helps us remember and pay tribute to those who lived many years before us. This will continue our existence for family and friends as a way to live on forever.  I created this site so that we can share, embrace and record our own traditions, document what we are proud of and incorporate from others some fun and happiness into our everyday lives.

As I watch my children grow, it is so important to me to teach and practice our family’s traditions. I’ll forever remember the smell of fresh homemade flour tortillas my grandmother would have waiting for us after church on Sundays. My favorite thing to do in summer is blowing all the seed pods off of dandelion flowers and making a wish as I watched them blow away! My husband would wear the same hat he wore since high school into every test he took through medical school. My children absolutely love soaring through the clouds while looking through the window of our airplane so that we can maybe see relatives who have passed away jumping on the clouds while they are in Heaven. These things, while different in each persons life, are what help to create our own unique human experience. They allow us something to look forward to. They give us peace of mind and make us happy.

This is a family site. I invite everyone to share pictures and recipes, event celebrations and routines. Have fun looking and sharing.

May your life be rich in love, health, happiness and tradition!


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