Jameson & Pickle Juice

When I first met my girlfriend and we decided we would have a few drinks to break the ice, I asked what her favorite drink was. When she told me she liked to take a shot of Jameson followed with a chaser of pickle juice, it did not sound good at all, in fact it sounded gross.

I’m not a huge fan of pickles, much less pickle juice. However, after trying it the first time I was hooked! There’s something about the strong sting of the Jameson followed by the instant mellowing effect of pickle juice that seems to be concocted by drink connoisseur with a degree in chemistry.

Since I have told other friends and family about the combo and I’ve been met with the same look and response I first had “that sounds gross”. I will highly recommend that everyone tries it at least once in their life. Admittedly we have at least one just about every time we meet and it has become the perfect life tradition.

If you like it, I’d recommend you buy the huge jar of pickles at Costco for about $4 and the 1.75l of Jameson at Costco as well for $35.

Give it a shot (pun intended), don’t be dissuaded by the pickle juice!

  1. Shamarie Sais 4 years ago

    Love this and I do love pickles!! Going to try for sure!:)

  2. Author
    cpadilla 4 years ago

    Hopefully everyone gives it a shot at least once in their life 🙂 And if you don’t like it, blame my girlfriend 😀

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