Family Movie Time 🎬

Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas our whole family has our holiday dinner an then always goes to the movies! 🙂 we have done this as a family since the girls were little an now they are 25 an 20 an my oldest has a grandbaby! They now being boyfriends an if their friends are over or whoever comes over for the holidays usually goes with us.. This is just our tradition that we all look forward to an enjoy! I wouldn’t change it for anything else 🙂 love this fun family time!

  1. Profile photo of jjhebert
    jjhebert 2 years ago

    Awesome tradition!!!

  2. Profile photo of Shamarie Sais
    Shamarie Sais 2 years ago

    I love this tradition Cynthia! We are going to start doing this as a family:) Thank you for sharing!

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