In my family we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.  We start it off on Chrstmas Eve by going to the Cemetery to take flowers to those family members who are no longer with us.  Both sets of my grandparents……etc.   Then we come home & set up bags of Luminarias with the names of our immediate family who have passed on the bags & set those on the front porch.  The family starts arriving around 4 or so & we have dinner then start playing games.  Once it starts getting dark, I go outside & start lighting the candles in the Luminarias.

  1. Shamarie Sais 4 years ago

    I love the idea of putting the names of people who have passed away on the luminaria bags! This is a fantastic tradition and wonderful tribute to family and friends!! Thank you for sharing.❤️

  2. Stephanie 4 years ago

    I miss not being able to honor my family members who have passed. Utilizing the luminaries to give a tribute is a nice idea!

  3. Lucille Sais 4 years ago

    Our family has taken small artificial trees to the gravesites of grandparents. We decorate these trees with pictures of all the grandchildren. It’ our way of remembering them at a very special time. We also light luminarias at their graves.

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