Christmas Day Family Fun & Games

Every year we host the Christmas meal at our house.  Everyone brings something.  I try to set the table fancy and we put a little something on the plates, we did lottery tickets last year.  We sit around a big table and share our meal.  When we are done, my husband has created all these trivia/riddle games to play (he works on them all year). He goes all out, buys gift cards and prizes for the games.  Everyone looks forward to playing the games and winning prizes.  It is so much fun we laugh and the kids get involved.  Many of the answers are so funny.  I look forward to doing this every year. 

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  1. Shamarie Sais 4 years ago

    I can just imagine the fun and laughter at your house for Christmas! This is a wonderful tradition! I would look forward to going to your house all year!:) Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition!

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